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Hawaiian Rebirth leads you on a marvelous journey of spiritual and professional self-discovery. The book begins with Yves’ miraculous story of healing and rebirth in Hawaii at the beginning of his own journey of transformation.

It’s a complete road map that guides you to discovering your gifts, finding your life’s purpose, and fulfilling your destiny interwoven within fascinating stories from the author’s worldwide adventures.

While each of us has the same goal of finding our life’s purpose and ultimately fulfilling our destiny, we’re all headed to different places. Hawaiian Rebirth helps you commit to moving in the direction of your desires, despite challenges and obstacles.

When you don’t give up on your hopes and dreams, miracles happen and new paths are revealed to you! The questions, stories and strategies outlined in this book will help you to find your purpose and realize any goal you dream of achieving.

Hawaiian Rebirth by Yves Nager

Part 1 of is focused on helping you learn to ask questions that will help you to live your dreams and find your own answers.

Part 2 provides you with tools, techniques, and concrete steps to help you to implement any changes needed in your life efficiently and effectively.

In Part 3, you’ll find inspiring stories about people—and even animals—who are living or have lived their true life’s purpose.

In Part 4, the author provides three bonus exercises to help you start taking action towards making your own vision a reality—right now.

Through the questions, steps and strategies shared in Hawaiian Rebirth, Yves establishes a system that can help you:

  • Attract people, places, and things that are alignment with your purpose.
  • Fine tune your perceptions, achieve a clearer understanding of yourself,
  • Find others who have visions or purposes that are in resonance with yours. Together, you and those you attract can create something far more powerful and valuable than anything you could create alone.
  • Clarify your passions, deepen your understanding of why you were born, unfold into your true self, and fulfill your destiny.

All the questions, tools, techniques, and steps Yves shares are simple and easy to follow. By implementing Yves’ system, even when you are buffeted by the storms of life, you can stick to your purpose and grow your talents with perseverance, flexibility, and openness.

Read an Excerpt from Hawaiian Rebirth

Yves Nager


Yves Nager is author of Hawaiian Rebirth: Questions, Stories and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life’s Purpose and a co-author of the Amazon bestseller, Inspired by the Passion Test. He also contributed a chapter to the book Ilahinoor – Awakening the Divine Human by Kiara Windrider.

Yves is a gifted healing facilitator for both people and animals, a certified life coach, and a Yoga Nidra teacher. Yves is passionate about supporting people in transcending their limitations, creating new possibilities and transforming their challenges into freedom.

Having overcome his own life challenges, Yves understands the transformational power of forgiveness and gratitude. He knows that focusing on your heart’s desires and intentions leads to the creation of miracles. He is dedicated to helping others to discover their unique gifts and to live their lives with passion, joy, and abundance.

Together with his beloved wife, Eunjung, Yves has travelled to thirty-five countries around the world facilitating workshops and retreats. He lives on Kaua’i, Hawaii.

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Marcia Wieder

Inspire and awaken your heart and soul

"Yves Nager is a wisdom teacher, navigator, and guide for meaning and purpose. Here he provides tools, stories, and maps for the most important journey of your life...home to the truth of who you really are and why you are here. This exquisite book, Hawaiian Rebirth, will inspire and awaken your heart and soul while showing you how to fulfill your heart’s desires."

— Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream University and bestselling author.

Janet Bray Attwood

Hawaiian Rebirth... leads you to a life filled with wonder

"Yves Nager, a truly passionate adventurer of life and a humble mystic, shows brilliantly in his new book, Hawaiian Rebirth, how following your heart and continuously choosing in favor of your passions leads you to a life filled with wonder, a sense of destiny, and unlimited possibilities of living your greatness."

— Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches.

Chris Attwood

Deepen your understanding of the reason you were born

"In this book, Yves Nager has expanded the principles of the Passion Test to help you clarify your passions and deepen your understanding of the reason you were born. Hawaiian Rebirth will take you on a journey that will serve as a map to use as you fulfill your unique contribution to the unfoldment of yourself to itself."

— Chris Attwood, Bestselling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches & President at the Beyul Club.

Kiara Windrider

Thank you, Yves, for demonstrating the ‘passion way’

"I have known Yves Nager for many years and joined with him and his wife, Eunjung, in some of their journeys of life. I am touched by their sincerity and their passion, their dedication to service, and their love for this Earth. I am touched by their fearlessness, their ability to move as the wind moves them, and to become the wind itself. Thank you, Yves, for demonstrating the ‘passion way,’ and for holding your candle through all the ups and downs of life, so that each of us might learn to trust the One Light that has always already been shining so brightly, even through the darkest of nights."

— Kiara Windrider, International spiritual teacher and author of several books including Gaia Luminous, Homo Luminous, and Ilahinoor.

Shajen Joy Aziz

Inspired me to examine my own journey

"Yves is one of those rare individuals who has the know-how to dive deep into his soul and create healing for himself and those around him. His journeys across the globe give him keen insight into human behavior, which adds to the depth of his storytelling. He makes a difference in this world because he is willing to do the hard work of personal transformation and he wants to share his knowledge. Hawaiian Rebirth, inspired me to examine my own journey and created many opportunities for me to look within."

— Shajen Joy Aziz, creator of Discover the Gift, Award-Winning International Best-selling Author, Educator, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur.


The illusion we call life is by its nature dual. There appear to be differences when in fact these differences are the interwoven threads of one fabric. However, it’s in the appearance of differences that the play of life or Veda Lila unfolds, sequentially and in perfect order. What upholds the flow of life in wholeness is dharma. Dharma is built into every person’s body, mind, emotions and spirit. Everyone is born for a special and unique purpose only they can fulfill. And the common purpose we all share is to serve each other. (Click to read more)


Sharlyn Hidalgo

Intriguing and inspiring, yet practical

"You will find Yves Nager's new book, Hawaiian Rebirth, intriguing and inspiring, yet practical. Yves offers guidance to what he calls "the most meaningful adventure of your life—the discovery of your gifts and passions." He is clearly here to be of service and he shares what he has learned through his own experiences and transformations. He is passionate in his desire to help you discover how to live your highest destiny. He offers a cornucopia of knowledge and wisdom and comes from the heart. I hope you will say yes!"

— Sharlyn Hidalgo, Author of Nazmy: Love is My Religion.

Clark Gaither

A reliable roadmap for discovering your true and intended purpose

"If you believe your spiritual realm may be suffering and causing you to feel a lack of a sense of purpose, Yves Nager’s new book, Hawaiian Rebirth, will offer you a reliable roadmap for discovering your true and intended purpose. Increasing self-awareness, goal-setting, what it means to be happy, and achieving your dreams are just some of the topics covered in this actionable step-packed book. If you are ready to get to work on changing your life for the better, releasing an unbridled passion for living by discovering your true life’s purpose, and having a more meaningful and balanced existence, then I highly recommend this book."

Dr. Clark Gaither, Medical Doctor, Bestselling Author of Reignite and Powerful Words.

Geoff Affleck

It will open your heart wide and expand your vision

"The inspiring, intriguing stories from Yves Nager’s mystical, world-wide adventures will open your heart wide and expand your vision. If you are looking to bring more passion, purpose, and meaning into your life, then Hawaiian Rebirth offers you an insightful array of tools and life strategies that will guide you toward achieving your most cherished dreams and aspirations."

Geoff Affleck, Bestselling co-author of Shine Your Light and Enlightened Bestseller

Terry-Linn Sidford

Your life will definitely turn around for the better

"I met Yves Nager through The Passion Test and found him and his work genuine, refreshing, and profound. His new book, Hawaiian Rebirth, is so full of nuggets of wisdom and inspiring, intriguing stories that you cannot but feel transformed by just reading it. Of course, if you actually put into practice the insightful steps and strategies Yves has mapped out in the book, your life will definitely turn around for the better, with you following your heart and living your highest purpose."

Terry L. Sidford, Author of One Hundred Hearts, TEDx Speaker, Passion Test Facilitator, and Professional Coach

Patrik Wyzorski

One of the most in-depth and detailed guides I’ve read

"Yves Nager’s book Hawaiian Rebirth is one of the most in-depth and detailed guides I’ve read on the transformational process involved with uncovering and pursuing one’s life purpose. Yves’ simple, straightforward, and passionate demeanor comes forth in this book which elaborates on some of the more challenging topics in transformational consciousness. You’ll come away from reading Hawaiian Rebirth with the belief that transforming your life is a challenge worth taking on and that it is a healing journey you must embark upon immediately with his guidebook in your hands."

— Patrick Wyzorski, Principal WyzGuy Consulting

When you order your copy of Hawaiian Rebirth you'll receive these 6 exclusive BONUSES worth more than 30X the price of the book!

Bonus #1

Online Healing Retreat – The Lemuria Heart Light Transmissions (Value $300)

This heart-opening webinar includes beautiful and inspiring stories, meditations and energy transmissions and much more to help you navigate your life with crystal clarity, centeredness and powerful yet loving creational energies of Lemuria.

Get free access to 3 downloadable online webcasts (2 hours each - a total of 6 hours).

Bonus #2

Healing Transmission from Kauai (Value $75)

As you pursue your dreams and passions, taking care of your health and making your well-being a priority is essential. To maintain this new vibration of balance, harmony and well-being, you need to be willing to change and take responsibility as an authority of your life.

Get exclusive access to a recorded 80-minute healing session recorded on Nov 11, 2018 that Yves facilitated online live from Kaua’i, Hawaii.

Bonus #3

Exclusive Hawaiian Rebirth Companion Worksheets (Value $30)

Receive 3 exclusive worksheets to deepen your experience with Hawaiian Rebirth:

  1. The Wheel of Life
  2. Setting Inspiring and Motivating Goals
  3. Nine Principles for Creation and Manifestation

These worksheets will help you get started to:

- See how well you are currently doing in different areas of your life 

- Get clear about what you intend to create and experience today

- Start taking steps towards your goals

- Adopt the ideal mindset to manage your thoughts

- Maintain confidence that your goals are attainable

- Take creative action to manifest your dreams.

Bonus #4

Audio Recordings of Energetic Exercises (Value $40)

Start each day fully present to your whole being—body, mind, heart and spirit. This way, you can focus and direct your awareness and energy toward what is at hand in each moment and on what you intend to accomplish and create every day. These exercises will help you to merge with a loving and nurturing space within you.

Get exclusive access to the 1-hour audio recording that contains 22 exercises and an 11-min morning meditation from the audiobook version of Hawaiian Rebirth.

Bonus #5

Yoga Nidra Audio (Value $20)

Yoga Nidra is a powerful and ancient technique through which you can learn to consciously relax. Through the sequenced design of Yoga Nidra, you can induce a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation, and shift your consciousness functioning at a deeper level of inner awareness.

You will receive a link to download 2 audio files:

  1. Yoga Nidra Introduction
  2. 30-minute recorded Yoga Nidra session

Bonus #6

Private 1.5-hour coaching and healing session at a reduced rate of $150 with Yves Nager (Normally $300)

Discover the secret how to activate your gifts, transform your life and create your true path, to achieve health, happiness and abundance. What life do you want to lead in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years?

Get a private 90-minute online coaching and healing session with Yves Nager. He'll guide you through a complete road map to discovering your life’s purpose and will enhance your health and well-being.

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